Parents can only sign-up to Cubsta through an invitation. If the childcare centre your child(ren) is enrolled at uses Cubsta, you will be sent an invitation (sign-up) email.  Simply follow the instructions provided in this email and you should be able to use the software.

Please check the email id that you have provided to your childcare centre. If this is correct, then please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see the confirmation email, then please get in touch with our support team on and we will investigate the issue.

Please click on Forgot Password on the login page and you can follow the instruction provided to retrieve the password.

Cubsta is a major advocate of Cyber Security and our commitment to Child safety and well-being online is reflected in our very DNA. We have developed this software in consultation with security experts and have taken every reasonable step possible to ensure the safety of the users and the data attached to the users. For more information about our Child Safety Policy, please visit the following link.

No, Cubsta does not charge parents. We charge the childcare centre to use our software.

No, you can access information related to your children using the same account as long as the same email was provided during the enrolment of your children at the daycare. To access information of your second child, simply click on the dropdown on the top right corner where the child name appears (below settings button) and make a selection.

This is an organisational matter of the daycare centre where your child is enrolled. We encourage you to talk to the centre management about this.

A child profile enables parents to edit important information about their child including, health records, medication, doctor’s details and emergency contacts. This information will get updated in real-time and will be accessible by the childcare staff.

In-class Activities is a function within Cubsta that allows you to view information about group activities that occur in the daycare centre. Educators will upload images and text-based content for various activities that take place in a room using this function and you as a parent can view these activities using your Cubsta login.

Notes is a functionality that allows parents and educators to communicate with each other using instant text-based messages. As a parent, you can send a Note to a single educator or multiple educators within a daycare centre.

To add a new note, click on the Notes tab on your dashboard. On the following screen you will see an Add New button (top right corner), click on this and a pop-up will appear that will allow you to add the Note. You can address the not to a single educator or multiple educators within the daycare centre. Once a note is posted, it will automatically appear on the notes page with the latest note being on the top of the list.

When a new note is sent to you, a yellow circle with a number will appear on your dashboard within the Notes tab. The number denotes the number of unread notes you have within your dashboard.  The same notification will appear within the hamburger menu, next to the Notes tile.

Yes. On the Notes screen, click on the Note Thread and then go to the conversation (reply) within the note thread that has been added by you. On top of that conversation, you will see Edit and Delete buttons. Simply click on these buttons and follow the prompts to perform the desired action.

To view a Note from a previous date, use the date filter (top right corner of the notes screen).  Simply choose to and from date and you will see the Notes for those dates appear on the screen.

Daily sheets is a function in Cubsta that allows parents to view information related to food, drinks, sleep and nappies/toilet for their child while they are at daycare.

To view daily sheets for your child, simply click on the Daily sheets tab on your dashboard. On the following screen you will see a table with view buttons under each heading for a period of 1 week. Simply click on the View button for the information that you want to access and a pop up with the relevant information will appear.

To view a Daily sheet from a previous date, use the date filter (top right corner of the Daily Sheets screen).  Simply choose the to and from date and you will see the records for those dates appear on the screen.