For Educators & Childcare Centres

Accomplish more with Cubsta by your side. Discover smarter, bolder and faster ways of managing childcare administration with an all-in-one integrated solution.


First of its kind, Cubsta offers an enrolment function that allows childcare centres to enrol a child without the need for a paper-based application. Create your own unique enrolment form and allow parents to submit all the information about their child electronically.

Daily Sheets

In just a few clicks, record and share real-time updates about each child’s meals, drinks, nap times and nappy changes or toilet runs.

In-Class Activities

Harness the power of photos and story writing to bring parents right into the classroom to provide a window into their child’s learning and development journey. Record and share each child’s experiences, activities and important milestones as they happen in real-time.

Stay in touch

Foster an engaging and inclusive parent-educator relation by making communication collaborative, consistent and most importantly fun! Newsletters, notes and other important updates for one child or for a group, create and share with just a click of a few buttons.

Emergency Contacts

When time is of the essence, get in touch with a child’s parent or emergency contacts quickly with all emergency contact information stored securely in the child’s profile.

Child Profile Management

The most up-to-date records for every child, every time. With the ability to update health records including allergies, medication, doctor’s details and other important information such as emergency contacts, parents can access and edit their child’s profile in a private and secure setting, in their own time.

Meal Plans

A nutritious diet plays an important role in the development and growth of little ones. What your child is eating and drinking is at the forefront of every parent’s mind. With Cubsta, keep parents in the know by sharing regular meal plans in just a few clicks.

For Parents

Your child may not know it, but you will always be by your little Cubsta’s side, every day. Cherish and treasure important moments in your child’s learning and development journey, anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.

Daily Feeds

Did your little one tell you how was lunch at daycare today? How long they napped? How many nappy changes they had? Get real-time feeds on the things that matter the most. Meals, drinks, naps and nappies; valuable information delivered straight to your device.

Experiences and Photo sharing

Redefining the “How was your day?” conversation, watch your child’s experiences and learning milestones unfold through the power of pictures.

Stay in touch

Engage with educators and mentors to foster a positive learning environment for your little Cubsta. Parents can access learning milestones, observations, forms, newsletters and other valuable resources with a simple click. And that’s not all! Parents can also chat with educators using the notes feature of the software.

Dedicated Child Profiles

View all your child’s information through their very own profile accessible to parents anywhere, anytime and on an internet-enabled device. Update important details or simply share priceless milestones with friends and family, in a private and secure environment, where you are in complete control.

Change the way you manage your daycare, for the better.

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