Anne Geddes once said, “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” Reflecting on this especially with Fathers Day just around the corner, this couldn’t be any truer!

So, for any dad, dada, daddy, papa, pa, the old man, pappy, pop, or pops out there, we have curated a wonderful list of some very cool, crafty and creative activities that every infant, toddler or preschooler can create to celebrate a ‘Happy Fathers Day!

Crafty Father’s Day Activities for Infants

Handprint Keychain By Holly Mariesosa

For any dad who is constantly losing their keys, this makes for a very special gift idea! Extremely personal Dad can take a little piece of their infant with them everywhere they go!

Handprint Baseball or Cricket Ball or even a Tennis Ball By Sunny Day Family 

For the sporty kind of Dad’s, what better way to say Happy Fathers Day than making it a part of their favourite game. A momento that they will cherish every day and hopefully a motivator to get them out and play!

Infant Hand and Feet printed Aprons By Catch My Party

If dad is a master of the barbie (or so he thinks) then what better way to say Happy Fathers Day than a personalised Apron!

Finger Painting Tie Art By Books and Giggles

A cute little idea for all infants to simply enjoy free play whilst creating a beautifully fashionable tie for dad’s next big meeting!

Growing in Dad’s Shoes By That Runner Mom 

An activity that will melt any dad’s heart; extremely simple yet powerful with emotions and memories! And to make this last a lifetime, why not frame this?

Crafty Father’s Day Activities for Toddlers

I Love Dad Heart Card By Non-Toy Gifts 


A cute little card for little ones to make with a little assistance and personalise each dad. Go bananas with options like displaying tools, or a fishing rod or golf clubs or even barbecue tongs!

A Cool Bow Tie By Its Always Autumn

Every dad must have a suit and what better gift to compliment his look than with a very fashionable bow tie sure to impress!

My Dad Rocks By Non-Toy Gifts

How about creating your very own dad figurine on cardboard and framing this to grow with your dad!

Painted Paperweights By Happy Hooligans

To make sure Dad doesn’t lose any of his important papers, how about creating him his very own personalised paperweights! 

A Painted Hammer By Crafts By Amanda 

Now, this may sound a bit too heavy and too dangerous as DIY for a TODDLER but how about creating for dad his very own hammer using cardboard or styrofoam and then unleashing your inner artist with colours!

Crafty Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

LEGO Memory Jar By The Seasoned Mom

Drawing inspiration from this very cute art idea, why not create jar filled with all the reasons why your Dad is the best in the world!

Only The Most Delicious Cupcakes for Dad By Seeing Dandy

If your dad has a sweet tooth, why not let him indulge with the best cupcake or even a cookie created by your preschooler and decorated with their favourite sport!

Best Dad Ribbon By Easy Peasy and Fun 

For the old man, why not make it official with these very easy to do and versatile ribbons sure to impress every dad!

Tick Tock – A Potato Clock

Why not engage in a little science experiment and actually get a gift out of it too! A nifty little clock powered by a humble potato should keep dad punctual! These digital watches can be purchased on eBay easily, refer to this link.

Phone Holder Using Toilet Rolls By The Seaman Mom

This is a functional gift that every dad will love. All it takes is recycled toilet paper rolls, some glue and decorative paper to make the phone holder. Dad can use this in the office or at home when the TV is taken by the little ones.