Child Safety


What is Cyber Safety?

Cyber safety is the act of engaging with information and communication technology in a respectful manner that adheres to good internet etiquette including responsible, secure and safe use not just for you but others too.
When working with young children or managing those in a care environment, keeping such young children cyber safe is especially critical. As a Parent, a Family member, Caregiver, or an Educator, we all have a responsibility and obligation to play an important role in keeping young children safe and being responsible online.

Cubsta’s commitment to Cyber Safety

Cubsta is a major advocate of Cyber Security and our commitment to Child safety and well-being online is reflected in our very DNA. Designed in consultation with Information and communications technology (or technologies) ICT security experts, Cubsta is an encrypted, password protected site constantly monitored with the latest security systems and using an encrypted connection to protect the transmission of information over the internet, thus providing a platform that is safe and private, accessible only to authorised users with explicit written permissions of Primary Account Holders or Parents/Guardians.

Cubsta does not collect any Personal Information about any Child nor is any Personal Information shared with any third party. The Childcare Provider to which your child is enrolled, is responsible for collection of this information. All Personal Information of a child is the sole property of the Parent/Guardian with rights to request these to be corrected or removed as required.

Permissions Required to Publish Personal Information

To keep personal information of Children safe and secure online, Cubsta offers a range of settings to manage Privacy. A Child can only have a Cubsta profile in the Childcare Centre where they are enrolled, after the Centre receives explicit written permission from the Parent authorising the Childcare Centre to create a profile for the child and use their Personal Information. Educators/Administrator of the centre can grant or deny access to peers as required.

Child Data Storage

All personal information relating to Children on Cubsta is hosted in Australia. The checking and updating security settings is a constant part of our Application maintenance routine.

New Reporting Requirements

As per the new reporting requirements that have come into existence in Australia in 2018, that require mandatory data breach notifications (Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017), Cubsta is committed to notifying all affected users, as well as the relevant privacy commissioners, is we ever suffer or learn of a data breach.

Staying Safe Online

Cyber safety for young children is the responsibility and obligation of all. With an ever evolving digital landscape, understanding what constitutes safe vs. unsafe behaviour is especially important for our children. Ensure your antivirus and spyware software up to date at all times coupled with your firewall being switched on. When checking emails or accessing information with links in them, avoid clicking on any links from a source that you wouldn’t normally trust as there is a good chance such links can contain a harmful virus. Avoid sharing or disclosing any Personal Information to anyone online including entertaining unsolicited emails or calls. Likewise, Avoid downloading or installing any software’s from questionable sources or where your computers security system is advising you not to as these could possibly hurt your computer, mobile device or jeopardize your privacy. Always be responsible and respectful when using information and communication technology, whether for your own child or those of others, refraining from engaging in any behaviour that may be considered offensive or inappropriate including sharing images and/or videos without appropriate permissions allowing you to do so. Remember, your gut feeling is your guiding light; it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not right!