With Halloween just around the corner, the obvious contenders; the mighty Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns, the witches on brooms and werewolves dancing to the moon are a common sight that we come to expect.

But this year, how about using a dash of extra creativity and a dollop of imagination to create the best ever Halloween Activities for your Toddler and preschoolers?

Here are 5 super easy; highly engaging and most importantly fun Halloween activities that are sure to be a screaming hit with your Toddler and preschoolers.

The best part? Whilst these activities are designed to get your little ones into the Halloween spirit beyond the traditional Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns by encouraging them to think ‘outside the box’, these activities have been developed by using recycled materials commonly found around the home. Choose to reuse!

So, let’s get started!

Earbuds Skeleton

For this super fun and creative activity, you will need the following:

A small piece of cardboard or a piece of black craft paper

Black marker or colour pen if using a piece of cardboard

Small cut out of a skeleton head

A handful of Earbuds


To get started, grab a piece of cardboard and colour black to create a background. If you are using a black craft paper, then you are a step ahead already! Next, position and glue the skeleton head in the centre. Now, start gluing the Ear Buds in a manner that would represent ribs, arms, and feet of the Skelton. Let dry and enjoy!

A simple activity that can be undertaken in 15-30 minutes! For added fun, try using neon paint on the Ear Buds to enjoy a glow in the dark skeleton disco!

DIY Halloween Puzzle

Another simple yet powerful activity that will be useful to help develop cognitive skills well after Halloween is over. This activity is versatile enough to be created for any and every holiday or occasion.

You would need – a Halloween picture, Popsicle wooden sticks, glue and Scissors.

To get started, position your Popsicle sticks to the back of your Halloween picture to ensure you have the correct desired positioning. Taper off edges slightly to ensure the image you have selected fits perfectly to the length of your wooden Popsicle sticks. Next, start adding glue to one side of your wooden sticks ad start gluing on to the blank side of your favourite image.

Let dry! Then, carefully cut along the length of each wooden stick and voila! Mix up the pieces and let the kid’s piece them back together!

Handprint Witch


Image Courtesy: MyKidCraft

Again an easy craft incorporating painting and imagination with a dash of personalisation here! Your preschooler’s very own handprint witch!

For this – You will need non-toxic paint and your preschooler’s hand.

Start off by encouraging your preschooler to have fun with paints with no limits! Cover their entire hand with paint (try even neon paint) and imprint on a piece of paper. Next, let your imagination go wild and create a witch as you desire. Decorate with a witch hat and a broom, some googly eyes and a long nose!

Paper Plate Cat

Image Courtesy: Crafts by Amanda

A cute Halloween activity again sure to fire up those creative juices in your toddlers and preschoolers. Whilst paper plates are especially useful when it comes to enjoying cakes, who knew they can cameo as a cat too!

For this activity, you will need – a large paper plate preferably plain white, a black marker or any colour of your choice, glue, scissors and a pom-pom for a nose or simply paint the eyes and nose.

Start by colouring your entire paper plate with a colour of your choice. Then cut out a crescent shape from the plate. Use the cut out crescent to carve out a tail and a small round piece to form the face.

Next glue both in position. Use googly eyes and a pom-pom for the nose or simply drawn in and colour some eyes and nose. For the whiskers, cut out six thin strips of paper and colour these same as the overall colour of your cat. Glue on with the nose and meow woow!

Toilet Roll Bat

Image Courtesy: Pjs and Paint

Again, a versatile and simple craft that’s fun and spooky to create with materials always available at home.

You will need – an empty toilet roll, a template of wings, some black paint or marker, scissors, glue and some googly eyes

Start off by folding in the ends of your toilet roll. Next, colour it through in black or any colour of your choice; be it neon or glow in the dark paint or markers. Next, use your scissors to cut out the bat wings and colour. Glue on to the back of the toilet roll in the middle. Let dry. Next, glue on the googly eyes and your cute bat is ready to fly!

So this Halloween, pumpkins should be left best for pies. Instead, try these activities for some super spooky Halloween fun!